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IoTaaP Class Reference


IoTaaP() - Construct a new IoTaaP object.


Object Name Description
IoTaaP_Misc misc Basic IoTaaP functionalities
IoTaaP_OLED oled Onboard OLED control
IoTaaP_MQTT mqtt MQTT(S) communication functionalities
IoTaaP_WiFi wifi WiFi connection management
WiFiServer wifiServer WiFi server public object
WiFiClient wifiClient WiFi client public object
IoTaaP_TCP tcp TCP connection management
IoTaaP_ADC adc Analog to digital converter functionalities
IoTaaP_Buzzer buzzer Onboard buzzer control
IoTaaP_Hall hall Integrated hall sensor control
IoTaaP_Serial serial Serial communication management
IoTaaP_DAC dac Digital to analog converter functionalities
IoTaaP_PWM pwm Integrated PWM driver control