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IoTaaP_HAPI Class Reference


IoTaaP_HAPI() - Construct a new IoTaaP_HAPI object.


  • fwVersion Current firmware version (it is used for triggering OTA Update)


Function Type Description
configure int Configure IoTaaP Cloud connection
devicePublish int Publishes payload to the device topic
publish int Publishes payload to the topic. Root topic (username) will be automatically added
subscribe int Subscribe to a specific topic. Root topic (username) will be added automatically
unsubscribe int Unsubscribe from the specific topic
apiLoop* void API function that will publish IoTaaP input states
callbackInnerFunction* void Inner function to be used for remote API-like output controller
enableUpdates void Enables automatic updates (enabled by default)
disableUpdates void Disables automatic updates (enabled by default)
checkUpdate void Checks if new firmware version is available on the server

* - WIP

callbackInnerFunction function is still in alpha phase and should not be used in production code

apiLoop 'send states' feature is still under heavy development and should not be enabled in production code (parameter is set to false by default)