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Configuration Wizard

Configuration Wizard is advanced feature used for parameter configuration via Serial interface. All parameters from default.cfg can be configured by using the following command:

IoTaaP OS Web Configurator

For easyer configuration, taht doesn't require serial connection or terminal, we recommend using IoTaaP OS Web configurator.

  • set-system - wizard to set all parameters from system configuration data

Using commands

Simply type set-system command into your serial interface. Wizard will start with the following output:

Parameter wizard (leave empty for unchanged):

 String "device_id":5e4ecffe0ed7ef34c0e0ede3
    New "device_id":

you can use your serial interface to change the parameter or press ENTER to keep the current value. If you want to update a specific parameter, just enter new value into your serial interface and press ENTER, after that you should get the following output (e.g. for auto_update parameter):

Boolean "auto_update":true
    New "auto_update":false
--> New "auto_update":false

at the end, wizard will automatically exit with the following message:

Leaving IoTaaP Configurator (data is saved)