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IoTaaP OS Required Hardware


IoTaaP OS is currently fully optimized and developed to work with ESP32 SoC by Espressif. Although, there is a possibility for porting IoTaaP OS to other sillicons we strongly recommend using it on ESP32.

Supported ESP32 modules

IoTaaP OS supports various versions of ESP32 SoC, but recommended module is ESP32-WROOM-32E.

Minimum required Flash memory is 4MB, but we recommend using 16MB of Flash memory for best performance

IoTaaP OS - Peripherals

IoTaaP OS uses predefined peripheral configuration, and we strongly recommend to stick to it. Have in mind during your hardware desing to implement the following configuration.

Pin Functionality Note
IO23 MOSI 3.3V level
IO19 MISO 3.3V level
IO18 CLK 3.3V level
IO5 CS 3.3V level
IO36 BATTERY SENS. Use voltage divider and Li-Ion battery*
IO2 LED Use 330R resistor and green LED*
IO25 CONFIG BUTTON Use 10k pullup resistor (active low)
TXD0 Serial TX Standard 3.3V level serial interface
RXD0 Serial RX Standard 3.3V level serial interface


Battery sensing circuit should have a dividing coefficient of Vin/2, we recommend using 4k7 resistors. Battery should have max voltage of 4.2V, as system is configured to work with standard Li-Ion discharging curve. Please note that battery percentage is only approximation. Usage of the battery sensing is optional (connect pin to ground if not used). LED can be any LED with resistor and it is used for system status indication (Fast blinking - Connecting, Slow blinking - Reconnecting, Periodic blinking - Normal operation, Specific blinking - Web configurator active)

SD Card

Although IoTaaP OS (from version 4) uses internal FAT filesystem and will work without external SD card, we recommend using external SD card in order to enable features such as local data backup (data will be saved locally if connection is lost, and restored after) and system logs. You can use any SD card for this purpose, but be sure to stick to the following wiring:

alt text