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IoTaaP OS Internal filesystem

Starting from IoTaaP OS version 4, system uses internal FAT filesystem for storing configuration data and security certificates.

IoTaaP OS Web Configurator

All system configuration can be set-up using IoTaaP OS Web configurator. During initial boot (first boot) system will automatically start web configurator. System parameters can be also adjusted by using serial configurator.

Custom partitions

IoTaaP OS requires custom partition table since it uses internal FAT filesystem. Partition configurations are available in the partition directory that comes with the library, or simply in the GitHub repository.

Two partition configuration files are available under partitions directory

  • default_16MB_fat.csv - to be used with recomended ESP32 modules with 16MB flash
  • default_fat.csv - to be used with standard ESP32 modules with 4MB flash

Selecting custom partition

When using PlatformIO, custom partition configuration file (.csv) can be defined in platformio.ini file in the following way:

board_build.partitions = partitions/default_16MB_fat.csv

Please note that partitions directory should be on the same level as your src directory, for the above configuration to work properly.