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IoTaaP_OS Class Reference


IoTaaP_OS(const char *fwVersion) - Construct a new IoTaaP_OS object


  • fwVersion Current firmware version that will be used to trigger OTA update


Function Type Description
start void Starts IoTaaP OS
startWifi void Connects device to WiFi AP
startMqtt void Starts MQTT thread and connects to MQTT broker
deviceCloudPublish int Publishes data to device topic (/<username>/devices/<device-id>/<topic>)
basicCloudPublish int Publishes data to the topic (/<username>/<topic>)
basicSubscribe int Subscribes to the topic
basicUnsubscribe int Unsubscribes from the topic
deviceCloudPublishParam int Creates structured parameter and publishes it to params topic (/<username>/devices/<device-id>/params)
writeToSystemLogs void Writes data to the system log
getSystemParameter bool Gets system parameter from default.cfg
checkForUpdates void Triggers checking for updates