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OTA Update

Remote flashing

From IoTaaP OS varsion 4, remote flashing is supported. By using IoTaaP console firmware can be flashed remotely in real time. More info can be found in the tutorial

IoTaaP OS implements OTA Updates feature that can be optionally enabled or disabled. This feature gives you the possibility to upgrade your device(s) firmware through IoTaaP console interface.

After uploading new firmware.bin file through IoTaaP console interface and defining different version (e.g. 1.0.2 to 1.0.3) your device (or devices, in case of group OTA Update) will start with firmware download and upgrade process.

OTA Update process is completely automated and it will happen in the background in order to reduce downtime, once the update is verified device will restart and boot to the new firmware version. In case of error information will be logged to system logs and device will retry update process periodically.

System will check for updates every 6 hours.


You must upload only firmware.bin file that is generated by PlatformIO. Try to keep IoTaaP OS up to date to avoid possible OTA Update issues.

Time critical applications

We suggest that you disable automatic updates (by setting auto_update parameter in default.cfg to false) in time critical applications since update can cause delay in system operation. Check for updates can be triggered manually from main code by using checkForUpdates() function.