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Publishing IoTaaP OS Library

Since this library was built using PlatformIO we are using pio for publishing this library to the PlatformIO registry.


This library uses semantic versioning. Before building procedure library version in library.json must be updated. must be also updated by describing changes.

Finally, in iotaap_os\src\system\definitions.h parameter LIB_VERSION has to be updated.

Publishing library to the PlatformIO registry

  1. Position your terminal to iotaap_os directory (where library.json is located)
  2. Login to the PlatformIO account using the following command: pio account login
  3. Use your PlatformIO credentials to login
  4. Execute the following command: pio package publish --owner=iotaap

Organisation member

Please note that only IoTaaP organisation member can publish to the registry. Repository owner can add you to the organisation if needed.


CI and CD are handled by internally hosted Jenkins instance. Based on the Jenkinsfile new Jenkins Job will be started on any Pull request (and all checks have to pass before it can be merged with master branch) and on every push to any branch.