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Starting a new IoTaaP OS project using PlatformIO

We recommend you go through the example project that is available in the examples folder, and in IoTaaP OS tutorial.

Installing IoTaaP OS using PlatformIO

You have to declare library dependencies in your platformio.ini file, by using lib_deps option. You can define the specific library version, although we recommend using the newest version in your projects.

Example project configuration

platform = espressif32
board = iotaap_magnolia
framework = arduino

lib_deps =

     # Accept new functionality in a backwards compatible manner and patches
     iotaap/IoTaaP OS @ ^4.0.0

     # Accept only backwards compatible bug fixes
     # (any version with the same major and minor versions, and an equal or greater patch version)
     iotaap/IoTaaP OS @ ~4.0.0

     # The exact version
     iotaap/IoTaaP OS @ 4.0.0

More info about Library installation using PlatformIO can be found here.