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MQTT REST Bridge gives user the possiblity to send POST request to the server and transfer payload to the specific topic.

Send request

Send data to the specific topic using options and credentials


Method : POST

Auth required : NO


  • Content-Type (string): application/json
  • Username (string): MQTT Instance username
  • Password (string): MQTT Instance password
  • Topic (string): Topic to transfer data to
  • Retain (string): true/false
  • Qos (string): 0/1/2

Retained message

If Retain header is not provided, default value of false will be used.


QoS (Quality of Service) can be configured in this request. If Qos header is not provided, default value of 0 will be used.


Body can be JSON formatted message that will be sent to the defined topic

Body example

  "start": 80,
  "stop": 23,
  "idle": "min",
  "regulator": {
    "P": 23,
    "I": 56,
    "D": 10

Root topic

Root topic (your username) is automatically included in the request. You only have to pass the target topic. For the above example you could use topic /oLP6MA9r/motor-speed. Leading / must be included.

Success Response

Code : 200 OK

Response example

    "message": "Message published"

Error Responses

Condition : System timeout

Code : 400 BAD REQUEST

Payload transfer timeout

If there is no positive response from the MQTT server, or there was an issue with initial server connection, message transfer request will be terminated after 5s.

Content :

    "message": "There was a problem connecting MQTT server"

Condition : Mandatory header is missing

Code : 400 BAD REQUEST

Content :

    "message": "<header-name> is mandatory header"

Condition : There is an issue with MQTT server communication


Content example :

    "error": "Error",
    "message": "Connection refused: Not authorized"