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In order to show some information to the user we can use OLED instead of just using LED’s. OLED that you can find on IoTaaP Magnolia board has a SSD1306 controller and resolution of 128x64px which is just enough for most of the applications.


In this basic OLED example we will show some text and then we will countdown from 10 to 0 with 500ms delay, after that we will show IoTaaP logo on the display.

#include "IoTaaP.h"

IoTaaP iotaap;

void setup()
  // Initialize OLED
  // Show some text
  iotaap.oled.showText("Countdown", 40, 30);

void loop()

  for (int i = 10; i >= 0; i--)
    iotaap.oled.showText(String(i), 60, 32);
  // Display IoTaaP logo
  iotaap.oled.displayBitmap(0, 0, iotaap_splash_128x64, 1);
  while (1);
If we are planning to use OLED feature, we have to initialize it with init() function. Function showText() will display any text at given coordinates and displayBitmap() will display any 128x64px bitmap. You can use LCD Image Converter for converting image into an array.

LCD Image Converter

As mentioned in previous step, you can use LCD Image Converter in order to convert your image to C++ array and display it on the OLED.

Short manual can be found here.