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IoTaaP - WiFi

WiFi is really crucial feature of IoTaaP Magnolia board. In this guide we will learn how to scan for WiFi networks, list them and connect to the selected AP.


With IoTaaP it’s really easy to connect to the WiFi network. Check out the code below and in the next step you will find some explanations. Be sure to update your code with appropriate password for you SSID. Also, if you have some questions you can always ask our community!

#include "IoTaaP.h"

IoTaaP iotaap;

void setup()
  // Init oled and show text

  // Scann WiFi AP's and return number of discovered
  int numOfAP = iotaap.wifi.scan();

  // Create list of available networks
  String networks = "Available networks:\n\n";

  for (int i = 0; i < numOfAP; i++)
    networks += String(i + 1) + ". " + iotaap.wifi.getScanned(i) + "\n";

  // Show discovered networks

  // Connect to the first network discovered
  iotaap.oled.showText("Connecting to: " + iotaap.wifi.getScanned(0));

  // Convert String type SSID to char type SSID
  char SSID[64];
  iotaap.wifi.getScanned(0).toCharArray(SSID, 64);

  // Declare wifiInfo structure
  wifiConnectionInfo wifiInfo;

  // Connect to the SSID with Password (must be valid password)
  wifiInfo = iotaap.wifi.connect(SSID, "password");

  // Check if IoTaaP is connected to the WiFi network
  if (wifiInfo.status == 1)
    // Display IP address if successfully connected
    iotaap.oled.showText("Connected!\n\nIP: " + wifiInfo.ipAddress.toString());
    // Display message if there was a problem
    iotaap.oled.showText("There was a problem");

void loop()


Let’s go through the code together.

int numOfAP = iotaap.wifi.scan();
This line of code will scan for WiFi networks and return number of discovered networks.
We can use numOfAP in the line of code above to go through discovered networks, this dunction will return SSID as a String.
wifiInfo = iotaap.wifi.connect(SSID, "password");
After we select our SSID and password, IoTaaP will try to connect to the AP with provided credentials. Timeout is 5s, which means that the function will return status=-1 after 5 seconds if it was unable to connect to the AP.
struct wifiConnectionInfo
    int status;
    IPAddress ipAddress;
WiFi status is available under wifiConnectionInfo structure. Status will be -1 if there was an error and IP will be, in this case IP address should be ignored. If connecting was successfull, status will be 1, and IP address will be the current IP address obtained.

IoTaaP as a WiFi access point

IoTaaP can be used as an access point. In order to open access point you should call the following function:

This will simply configure IoTaaP to work as an AP with the provided name. If you want to create an open AP, only parameter you have to provide is AP name: